About Us

RAM4 Global was created to enhance the buying power of churches, schools, nonprofit organizations and businesses of all sizes. What began as a desire to help others save time and money has grown into a premier online retailer committed to sourcing the best supply products at the best prices. We strive to provide each and every customer with quality products, competitive pricing, and speedy delivery. By serving as manufacturer, distributor, supplier and concierge, RAM4 makes it easy to shop for the supplies you need for everyday office essentials, monthly inventory restocking, or special one-time purchases.

Everything we do is led by Christian principles:

  • Serve our customers in Excellence
  • Manage our assets with responsible Stewardship
  • Add value to our communities by Giving Back to support children in foster care

Whether you’re running a business, an office or a charity, keeping supplies on-hand is essential to your success. Ram4 offers over XXX,XXX products in the following categories: Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies; Office Supplies; Sports Equipment; Building and Maintenance Supplies; and Customized Apparel and Accessories. We partner with an extensive network of providers to find the exact products our customers need — and pass the savings along as well. When you shop with us, you benefit from from having one-stop access to everything you need to keep your business operating smoothly.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a single, integrated solution to all of your supply needs in a convenient, cost-effective way.

Why Choose RAM4

We know there’s an abundance of options to choose from when deciding where to wield your purchasing power. Office essentials from the Big Box store, cleaning and janitorial supplies from the warehouse club, and customized items from a myriad of individual specialists all stretch your time and your money beyond the savings they offer. RAM4 Global eliminates the high costs of dealing with multiple suppliers without compromising on the product quality or customer service standards you’re accustomed to. Our large catalog makes it easy for you to find the selection you need at the prices you want when you want it.

What We Offer

Quality Products to meet your needs

Every organization is different and their needs vary widely. From ink pen and cleaning supply preferences to indoor and outdoor sporting goods, RAM4 is uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of churches, private schools, nonprofits and businesses. We’re committed to offering our customers a wide range of products from a host of carefully selected distributors featuring both well-known and specialty brands. RAM4 Global team members regularly inspect the quality of the products we offer to ensure consistent quality.


Competitive Pricing to save you money

Whether you order one item or one hundred items, we work hard to provide you with the best prices. Our customers choose RAM4 because they know they can trust that we don’t overcharge on some items in order to offer the “lowest rate” on others. With us, you don’t have to comparison shop because we have staff in place to do it for you.


Speedy Delivery to free up your time

RAM4 offers free ground shipping orders over $45. And because you need what you need when you need it, we’re able to get your items to you quickly, without the expenses related to time away from the office, gas and parking. We work with distribution centers located in cities across the country to ensure next day (and in some cases, same day) delivery. While freight items may require additional time, we still work hard to use the fastest shipping method available.


Superior Customer Service to ensure your experience is easy and stress-free

We want you to be happy — for your experiences and interactions with RAM4 Global to be as positive as possible. At RAM4, customer service begins the moment you visit our website or contact our office and continues through selection, delivery and troubleshooting. More than just answering questions when you call (we certainly do that), we take customer satisfaction a step further by:

  • Assessing your unique needs with an on-site visit to develop a tailored supply plan
  • Locating specific products for you with our concierge service
  • Facilitating the mass production of individual items
  • Leveraging our distributor relationships to keep your supplies well stocked


Customized Options to eliminate the challenges of dealing with multiple suppliers

Get attention and build awareness with custom products and promotional items from a single source. RAM4 Global offers an array of options to help promote your brand, cause and/or activities. We offer full-service screen printing, embroidery and engraving to personalize t-shirts, bags, uniforms, marketing products, and so much more. Customers can use their own photos, logos and text or let our in-house Design Team put their creativity to work you. Whether for teams, special-interest groups, companies, events or special occasions, RAM4 has the expertise and resources to meet your needs and fit your budget.